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Paradigm can provide you an experienced, professional and trusting Care Worker that will help you enhance your life and maintain your independence



At Paradigm we aim to foster an atmosphere of care and support which both enables and encourages our Service Users to live as full, interesting and independant a lifestyle as possible.


We listen to our clients and put their well being at the top of our agenda ensuring everyone we care for maintains their dignity, life skills and independence so they have the empowerment to make their own choices.


For all care requirements, urgent or planned:


Call 0844 2578989 for Telford, Shropshire, Staffordshire and the West Midlands and 01484 483029 for Huddersfield, Kirklees and Surrounding Areas.

For Paradigm’s Head Office please call 0161 727 0689.


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  • Older People
  • Mental Health Services
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Personal Care
  • Children and Family Services
  • Domestic Care
  • Hospital Discharge
  • Personalisation
There are many ways that support and care can be provided to our older clients, this can include some basic low level domestic support such as helping with shopping, gardening and cleaning or providing a high level 24/7 care plan.

Making the right decision on which solution will fit the elderly person can be down to the personality of the person being cared for, their essential needs and / or what is affordable.

Our Older People service aims to help identify the right care services for older people at the right time.


Providing quality care for older people enables them to make their own choices about their quality of life.



The objective is to help the individual to regain and retain the key skills themselves and most importantly maintain their dignity and independence, enabling them to remain in their own homes for as long as possible.


Our Older People support program can also offer more specialist support for those individuals with conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer's and physical disabilities.



Paradigm is focussed in providing a holistic approach to care that empowers the individual to live as independently as possible whilst having the support on hand as required. Working with the family and carers we can offer respite care, advice and support when needed.


Our carers are fully trained in the basic principles of Mental Health Work and as such work closely will all concerned to ensure the individual can maintain or improve the skills needed in every day life and gain greater access to social contact and support.


Our Mental Health program offers a range of services for mental health and a tailored care plan to the individual service users.mentalhealth2


We can provide care in the area of Dementia, Mental Health Problems, Brain Injury and other illnesses that affect the way the brain operates.



At Paradigm we place an emphasis on

empowering individuals with a physical disability to take control of their lives through the assistance of a supportive and stimulating care environment.


We listen to our clients and give them the opportunity to try activities themselves while we are on hand to ensure your safety and well being.


Our Physical Disabilities programme is focussed on each individual’s assessed needs and is designed to enable those users to enjoy a rewarding and meaningful live.


Our carers will undertake personal care such as, shaving, washing,medication, bathing and toileting where needed, but is also able to provide more intensive care for those clients that require it.


At Paradigm we understand the challenges of coping with an illness, old age or a disability and know that looking after yourself can be extremely difficult without help.


Our fully trained Carers will help you maintain your dignity, self respect and independence through providing a personal care plan that fits with your needs.


We can support you in the following ways:

Getting in and out of bed

Washing, bathing and showering

Toileting & incontinence care

Dressing and grooming

Medication reminders and applications of creams

Preparation and eating of meals


Our Personal Care programmes can provide short, medium or long-term support that can be tailored to your individual requirements.


The importance of providing continued support to childrenandfamily2the Child and their family is at the forefront of our planning when providing care services.

This approach to planning the care affords the child and their family the support they need so they have the freedom to make their own decisions in life.


We believe all children deserve the best start in life as this helps develop their potential and adds value to the community as a whole, our care plans help enhance and support social inclusion and opportunities for all aspects of life including but not limited to Education, Sport and Leisure.


Our Children & Family support program can also offer more specialist support for those individuals with conditions such as cerebral palsy, challenging behaviour, substance abuse, profound and minor learning difficulties, sensory impairment / dual Sensory impairment, terminal illness, autistic spectrum and severe and partial physical disabilities.


domesticcare2As part of your personal care package Paradigm can provide domestic support to our clients.


We provide assistance with activities such as light domestic tasks, shopping or cleaning.


Our tailored care plan can be built around your individual needs.   If you are looking for simple companionship or need your dog walking then Paradigm can be on hand to support your independence.


Our Domestic Care programme is designed to support each individuals requirements whilst still providing the user the flexibility and freedom to make their own choices in life.

Paradigm can offer a 24/7 Hospital Discharge care plan that will enable the patient to have a seamless and proactive care plan to meet their individual needs upon discharge from the hospital.


Working with the Social Care team Paradigm will have precise information concerning rest, diet, medications and follow-up appointments. hospitaldischarge2

This information should be provided in a form appropriate for people from ethnic communities, those with learning disabilities, or those with sensory impairment.


Our Hospital Discharge program will provide specially trained Care Workers that can deal with crisis home care situations which may include personal care, night calls and more practical services such as emergency shopping etc.


We can work closely with the hospital discharge team to provide specialist areas of care such as palliative.



personalisation2Paradigm fully support and endorse the Government’s initiative to "Put People First".


Paradigm’s focus is about empowering people to live their own lives with dignity and independence and most importantly allowing them the flexibility to choose the care they need when they need it.Our answer to the Governments “Personalisation” initiative is to take a proactive approach to the care that we provide and offer the flexibility and freedom for our clients to feel confident and secure when making their own choices on what care provision they need.


Whether you are personally funding your care or are funded through the government or are already on a individualised budget we can help.



If you are interested in finding out about Purchasing Care or would just like some quick advice please call us on 0844 2578989 for Telford, Shropshire, Staffordshire and the West Midlands and 01484 483029 for Huddersfield, Kirklees and Surrounding Areas. For Paradigm’s Head Office please call 0161 727 0689.


Alternatively click here to request a call back within 24 hours from one of our Customer Care advisors.




Please find our latest CQC Inspection report and covering letter below:


CQC Inspection Report

Covering Letter



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