Purchasing Care

Paradigm can provide support to its clients in their own homes in a variety of ways to fit in with their requirements. There are many issues that you need to consider when organising care with multiple options on how you pay and receive care. Paradigm can support you throughout this process to ensure you get the right care at the right time.


If you are paying for care privately or are considering Direct Payments or an Individual Budget you will have the choice in who provides your support.


If you wish to pay for care and support privately and do not receive a Direct Payment or funding for an Individual budget, please call our Manager immediately for a completely free “Care Consultation”


To contact the Manager in Telford please call 0844 2578989 (calls charged at local rates). To contact the Manager in Huddersfield please call 01484 483029 or click here for an immediate call back


Paying Privately


Paradigm can provide care to its private clients from a simple “top up” solution to a complete 24/ 365 care plan. Paradigm operate a clear charging structure for its services based on the following criteria:


The time of day or night the care is required.

The care required falls on a public holiday.

The total duration of the visit.

The number of care workers required.


Individual Budgets


Individual budgets will enable you to take more control of your own social care budgets, manage your own support and choose the care solution that you want. The government believes that each of us should have more control and freedom over the care and support we receive. They want us to use the money from the different types of funding that’s available and choose the services and support that’s right for us.


The Individual Budgets pilot programme was a cross-government initiative led by the Department of Health working closely with the Department for Work and Pensions, and Communities and Local Government.


The pilot was conducted over two years 2006-2007 involving 13 local authorities.


The full independent evaluation reports were published on 21 October 2008. If it proves successful it will be rolled out nationally. If your Local Authority is taking part in the pilot a Care Manager will help you find out if you are entitled.


You will be asked to complete a simple assessment. A Care Manager could help you with this, or family and friends could help with.


The assessment tells your Local Authority what support they would normally provide and how much it would cost. This is called a Resource Allocation.


You can then see clearly what money is available for your needs and from there you can plan how you would like to use it.


You will need to write a support plan. This is to help you spend the money in the best way and to make sure you are not put at risk through an inappropriate choice.


Who looks after the money?


You can manage the money yourself or someone can do it for you. You need to keep records on how you have spent the money but your Care Manager can help with this


Direct Payments


On completion of a Social Services assessment an individual can be given the freedom and choice to use the Direct Payment option to receive a care plan. Paradigm can support you in two distinct ways with a Direct payment plan, these are as follows:


Paradigm will employ & supply a fully trained dedicated Care worker for you.

If you already have a personal carer or be it a family member or friend or an individual that wants to be your carer but needs the support and training that Paradigm can offer to enable them to meet your care requirements,


Paradigm will provide them on going training as well as taking care of the employer obligations.


There are several routes to gain funding for care, please click here for Funding Options.


If you are interested in finding out about Purchasing Care or would just like some quick advice please call us on 0844 2578989 for Telford, Shropshire, Staffordshire and the West Midlands and 01484 483029 for Huddersfield, Kirklees and Surrounding Areas.

For Paradigm’s Head Office please call 0161 727 0689.


Alternatively click here to request a call back within 24 hours from one of our Customer Care advisors.



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